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TERMINUS - $5,990.00
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ULTIMATE LONG-RANGE HUNTER - Please call for more information 724-984-7264


The Terminus is designed from the ground up meet the challenges of the long-range hunter and to exceed the expectations of the precision marksman. It has all the qualities of a professional sniper’s rifle—rigidity, extreme accuracy and durability—but we’ve significantly reduced weight and improved ergonomics. Easy to carry and able to stand up to the recoil of larger calibers and the rigors of high-country hunting the Terminus is the ultimate long-range hunting platform. The Terminus comes standard with a right-handed integral short action, a BDL hinged floor plate and our popular Monte Carlo stock in a variety of finishes. Choose your favorite caliber and barrel length and make it your own.

At PROOF Research we didn’t invent carbon fiber-wrapped barrels. We just perfected them.


Up to a 64% reduction in weight over steel barrels of similar contour (depending on length)
Match-grade accuracy
No point-of-impact shift during high-volume fire
Reduced harmonic barrel vibration
Unprecedented durability
Better heat dissipation resulting in more accurate and longer lasting barrels

Patented carbon fiber-wrapped, match-grade barrel
Individually hand-laid, custom-finished carbon fiber/Kevlar Monte Carlo stock
Hunter Action with 20 MOA integral rail
Extreme-accuracy bedding
Jewell or Timney trigger
Pachmayr® recoil pad
Test fired
½ MOA accuracy guarantee

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