The TAC II has quickly gained a reputation among military operators and precision rifle competitors for extreme accuracy and shot-to-shot consistency during high-volume strings of fire. The TAC II is a lightweight, long-range tactical system equipped to meet the demands of the serious shooter whether on the benchrest, the ranch or the battlefield. Features include an adjustable cheek piece, a near vertical grip and a low-profile forearm. By combining our patented carbon fiber barrel with our hand-laid carbon fiber/Kevlar composite stock and superior actions we’ve created an incredible shooting system that weighs a fraction of similar tactical systems while compromising nothing.

At PROOF Research we didn’t invent carbon fiber-wrapped barrels. We just perfected them.


Up to a 64% reduction in weight over steel barrels of similar contour (depending on length)
Match-grade accuracy
No point-of-impact shift during high-volume fire
Reduced harmonic barrel vibration
Unprecedented durability
Better heat dissipation resulting in more accurate and longer lasting barrels


Patented carbon fiber-wrapped, match-grade barrel
Individually hand-laid, custom-finished carbon fiber/Kevlar TAC II stock
Right or left-handed Hunter or Tactical Action with integral 20 MOA rail
Integral recoil lug
Extreme-accuracy bedding
Jewell or Timney trigger
Multiple stock colors and patterns
Pachmayr® recoil pad
Test fired
½ MOA accuracy guarantee